Peer Mentoring

The Language Resource Center, in cooperation with the language lecturers of the School of Arts and Sciences, is pleased to announce that it has launched a peer-to- peer mentoring program for language lecturers at Columbia.


The program is meant to encourage the establishment of a supportive relationship between a mentee and a more experienced language teacher at Columbia who will serve as this person's mentor in order to help him or her acquire a clearer understanding of the overall philosophy that informs language teaching at this institution. It is hoped that the program will help both participants harmonize their teaching practices with that philosophy, so that they can achieve their fullest potential as language lecturers at Columbia. More information about the mentoring program is available in the downloadable document available below.


To support the work of the mentor-mentee pair, the Language Resource  Center will also be hosting a series of workshops and information sessions centered on presenting, discussing and promoting best practices in second language learning. You will find more information about the peer mentoring program as well as a list of workshops in the documents below. Further announcements about the program will be forthcoming through our mailing list.


Should you have any questions about the program or should you want to participate in the program either as a mentor or as a mentee, please contact either Stéphane Charitos or Richard Korb. If you'd like to subscribe to the LRC's mailing list, please contact Ian Sullivan.