Hispanidades is a humanities learning project that brings Spanish speaking students from various countries of origin and in different cities together in conversation around a joint exploration of the concept of Hispanic identity in the United States.

The Hispanidades project empowers students to:

  • Explore issues of identity.
  • Validate their linguistic skills through authentic exchanges.
  • Build the confidence to publish.
  • Make connections and map the linguistic landscape of their community.
  • Understand how issues of language extend into other disciplines.
  • Use language as a gateway to culture.

The project first launched in the Fall semester of 2011, and brings together students from Columbia University and Arizona State University. They share an online environment where they create, share, and discuss information collected in Hispanic barrios across Arizona and in New York City.

The students use combined ethnographic research and digital storytelling techniques to explore their own Hispanic identities as well as the Hispanic identities of Spanish language speaking students in other parts of the United States.