Welcome to the Hebrew Online Resources website.

Vocabulary is fundamental to second language acquisition. Communicative competence in a second language requires the mastery of words.  Teaching and learning these words can be daunting tasks for both instructors and learners.  Instructors have to choose what vocabulary to teach and be able to explain to the learners why they are being asked to learn particular words.  On the other hand, learners have their own perceptions of vocabulary needs.

An effective online vocabulary learning environment will align the instructor’s choices with the learners’ individual sense of need. Furthermore, recognizing that vocabulary acquisition takes time, the online vocabulary environment provides the learners with tools to increase their knowledge of individual words and go beyond the basic core of a survival vocabulary.

The creation of such an online vocabulary learning environment is especially important for languages that have limited resources available in teaching vocabulary, especially past the elementary/intermediate level.

The resources on this website are organized around themes. These themes were selected because they contain words that are of high frequency for mature language learners and can be found across a variety of domains. Because of the important role these words play in a language user’s repertoire, their acquisition can have a strong impact not only on the learners’ overall comprehension but also on their verbal performance.

Rather than just focusing on associating words with definitions that results in memorization of word meanings, the goal of this website is to improve the learners’ understanding of how the words are used in context.