Language Maintenance Tutorials at the LRC

Each semester, the Language Resource Center offers non-credit language tutorials designed to provide students who have prior knowledge of a given language the opportunity to maintain and advance their skills in that language.

About LMT Tutors

LMT Tutors are full-time Columbia graduate students who share their linguistic knowledge with LMT students over the course of a semester in ten 90-minute meetings. Tutors are selected for their high level of proficiency in the requested language, and they all have experience with language teaching. Tutors are paid $500 per tutorial, and the payments are disbursed in two payments of $250, once at the semester midpoint and once near the end of the semester. Tutors are recruited on an ongoing basis, but they follow Columbia’s academic calendar and are active only during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The first step in becoming a tutor is to fill out this Google Form. The information that you provide will help the LMT coordinator to have an active roster of tutors who can be quickly matched with LMT students when they sign up at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters.

Am I eligible to be an LMT Tutor?

To be an LMT tutor, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a currently-enrolled, full-time Columbia graduate student.
  • Have a high level of proficiency in the requested language
  • Have previous experience with language teaching

You do not need to be a US citizen to be an LMT tutor.

How do I apply?

The LMT program is always looking to expand its roster of qualified tutors. If you think that you might be interested in becoming an LMT tutor, the first step is to fill out this Google Form. The information you provide will help to quickly match you with an LMT student at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters.

If the LMT coordinator identifies an interested student in the initial weeks of a spring or fall semester, you will be asked to come to the Language Resource Center (directions) in person for an interview. You will also need to complete additional documentation to be hired.

What documentation do I need to apply?

The first step is to complete this Google Form. This will place you on the roster of LMT instructors. If the LMT coordinator identifies a student for you and if you successfully complete the interview, then you will be asked to come to the Columbia LRC (directions) to submit some additional documentation. The documentation required depends on whether you’ve worked at Columbia before, and whether you are a US citizen or not. The LRC office personnel will be able to assist you in completing the correct forms based on your specific situation.

Expectations for LMT Tutors

LMT tutors have several expectations and responsibilities:

1. You must be a full-time Columbia graduate student, you must have a high level of proficiency in the requested language, and you must have had previous experience with language teaching.

2. Meet for 10 sessions of 90 minutes over the course of the semester, once per week.

3. During your first meeting, listen carefully to your student, and evaluate the best way to help them achieve their goals. Consider the trajectory of your ten meetings over the course of the semester.

4. With your student, establish a meeting time and location that works for both of you.  Be open to changing the time if it does not work well with your student.

5. During meetings, maintain the use of the target language, and work on fulfilling the goals that you and your student agreed on at the beginning of your meetings.

6. Try not to miss any meetings. If you must miss, please reschedule as quickly as possible, so that your sessions to not extend beyond the last day of class. It is especially important for tutors not to miss meetings, since they are paid by the student.

7. Your 10 sessions should be completed by the last day of class.

8. If you have additional questions, please contact the LMT Coordinator at columbialmt@gmail.com

420 W 118th Street

353 International Affairs Bldg

New York, NY 10027



9:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed