The SCI seeks to share academic resources across institutional boundaries, enhance existing curricula, and provide students with additional learning opportunities.


The SCI is a collaborative framework that uses innovative technology to share academic resources across institutional boundaries, enabling strategic partners to enrich existing curricula while respecting local institutional cultures.


The SCI strives to conform to the following principles:

  1. To collaborate with like-minded partners. The SCI works to establish productive and constructive relationships with partners who value the same principles.
  2. To respect each institution’s unique culture. The SCI is mindful and respectful of the distinctive traditions of each individual school while actively seeking to establish strategic partnerships that offer additional opportunities for our students.
  3. To share resources across institutional boundaries. The SCI believes that working together collaboratively creates shared value across partner institutions.
  4. To promote global engagement. The SCI focuses on identifying and cultivating new perspectives on the dynamic interplay of global and local knowledge.
  5. To actively engage students in the construction of knowledge. The SCI is committed to enabling students to develop the skills and confidence required to become highly effective creators of knowledge.
  6. To foster communities of intellectual practice. The SCI is dedicated to advancing the creation of communal spaces where students can pursue the fruitful exploration of knowledge and engage in critical dialogues with both teachers and peers.