Becoming a Tutor

To meet the needs of Columbia's graduate students and professional school students, the Language Resource Center offers conversation groups and individual tutorials with instruction focused on everyday spoken language. Courses are designed to provide students with language proficiency the opportunity to maintain and advance their language skills. The groups will meet for 10 weeks beginning in October (for the Fall semester) or February (for the Spring semester).

We are constantly seeking new tutors in all languages among the graduate students. Although we don't know beforehand how many tutorials will be available every semester, as soon as a position opens we will contact one of our registered tutors. It is a paid position and, if you are available to tutor and there are enough interested students, you could be assigned more than one tutorial per semester.

Preference is given to students with language teaching experience at Columbia, but even if this is your first year teaching, you can get a tutoring position. We do offer periodically training workshops and, if as a LMT tutor you have questions, want to review teaching techniques or want to get some hints for making the tutorials as successful as possible, you can always stop by our office.

Please check if you are eligible on the Eligibility, Paperwork and Payroll page.

To be registered as a tutor please fill the following on-line form: