Languages at Columbia

Columbia University offers 50+ languages every semester, among the highest of any US university.

Excellence in Teaching

Columbia language courses are dynamic and engaging, and are led by a language faculty committed to excellence.

A Multilingual City

New York City is one of the most linguistically rich environments on Earth. As you advance in your language study, you will be able to engage with a community in which your chosen language is spoken.

From Columbia to the World

Columbia has a wealth of opportunities for furthering your language study beyond the borders of the university.

Events at the LRC

The Language Resource Center regularly hosts reading groups, workshops, and symposia for language faculty specifically, and for the broader language community as well. These include the Second Language Acquisition Reading Group, the Instructional Innovation Workshops, and talks by invited guests.

In addition, the LRC aggregates information about language tables, foreign language film clubs, and other language events for students.

Subscribe to the LRC Newsletter

The LRC Newsletter is a crucial link between the center and the Columbia language community. It provides a regular email update of the latest events, technology tips, lesson ideas, and professional development opportunities.