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Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

Language Contact and Email Address:

Charry Karamanoukian


The Armenian language program is designed to introduce students to the Armenian world and culture as we know it today. With a vibrant Diaspora and an expanding, flourishing nation ranked country of the year in 2018 by the Economist, Armenia is the gateway to endless opportunities.

The Armenian language program offers four levels of instruction:

  • Elementary Armenian I (MDES 1301) and II (MDES 1302)
  • Intermediate Armenian I (MDES 2301) and II (MDES 2302)
  • Armenian for Heritage Speakers (MDES 1309)
  • Advanced Armenian I and Advanced Armenian II (MDES 4310)

Description of Courses

In Elementary Armenian I and II, students acquire the skills to communicate about topics relating to themselves and their immediate surroundings. They read authentic materials such as signs, advertisements, timetables, and texts in the form of tales, fables, and songs in unaltered original language.

In Intermediate Armenian I and II, students acquire the skills needed to communicate about a wide range of topics relating to the world beyond their immediate surroundings. Topics include biography, geography, travel, holidays, education, health, arts, etc. At this level, students deepen their knowledge of grammar and begin to read full-length authentic short stories, excerpts from plays, newspaper headlines, and selected passages in newspaper articles in unaltered original language.

The Heritage course is designed for learners who have a background in Armenian, it combines the content of the elementary and intermediate levels.

In Advanced Armenian I and II, students develop competence to communicate on topics relating to social, historical, political, and cultural issues of importance to the Armenian society and the Armenian Diaspora. They perfect their knowledge of grammar and write short essays using complex forms of the language. They read longer literary works with the use of a dictionary.

Taking courses in Armenian will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia.

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for the latest information on Armenian language classes.