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Latin American and Iberian Cultures

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Elsa Ubeda


Catalan is a Romance language spoken by approximately 10 million people. The Catalan language area spans four separate countries: Spain, France, Italy, and Andorra.

The study of Catalan provides students with an important tool for understanding contemporary Spanish society and politics as well as the entry key to one of the three major literatures of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Catalan Language Program consists of an intensive sequence of four courses that seek to foster the students’ linguistic, communicative and cultural competence while exposing them to the main socio-cultural manifestation of the Catalan-speaking territories. The integration of linguistic and cultural aspects is essential in the progressive training of the students to be well-equipped to handle themselves in all sorts of daily real-life communicative situations. This approach also prepares students to gain a critical perspective on a variety of academic materials and to connect contents on different subject areas.

Taking courses in Catalan will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia.

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