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Greek (Classical)


Language Contact and Email Address:

Marcus Folch


Welcome to the Classical Greek Program!

Classics is the study of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome (c. 900 BCE to 500 CE): their languages, literatures, history, philosophy, art, and ways of life. The Department of Classics offers a wide variety of courses, geared at students with different interests and at all levels of preparation. These include courses on ancient civilization in all its diversity, classes on ancient literature in translation, and numerous courses in ancient Greek and Latin, from elementary language classes to advanced literature courses.

Taking courses in Classical Greek will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia.

Please note: any students who are interested in taking the Latin or Greek placement exam should be in touch with Prof. Marcus Folch. Any student who would like to sit for the Latin or Greek proficiency exam should be in touch with Ms Selina Rivera.

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for up-to-date information on class times and locations.