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Carol Rounds


Welcome to the Hungarian Language Program!  The study of Hungarian unlocks the door to an entirely new way of expressing yourself – not just with new words, but with new patterns of thought entirely.  If you wish to explore a country of fabulous art, spicy cuisine, ground-breaking science, and complex history, the language of Hungarian is the first step on that path.  Columbia offers Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels available to all university students.

In your Hungarian classes you will develop the speaking and comprehension, reading and writing skills to help you explore Hungarian culture and eventually, its literature.  Classes are small so you have ample opportunity to hone your conversational skills.  Along the way you will discover the food, architecture, music, and history of this small country in the heart of Europe. 

Taking courses in Hungarian will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia. 

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for the latest information.  Search for “Hungarian”.  Should you have any schedule conflicts, do not hesitate to contact Carol Rounds at