Tibetan (Modern Colloquial)

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Tibetan (Modern Colloquial)

East Asian Languages and Cultures | Shared Course Initiative

Language Contact and Email Address:

Sonam Tsering


 Tibetan is a language spoken today by over six million people in a region the size of Western Europe. Columbia offers the only teaching program outside China dedicated to Modern Tibetan Studies. The Columbia Tibetan Language program offers both Classical and Modern Tibetan language courses at the first year, second year, and third year levels.

The Modern Tibetan program emphasizes spoken skills and literacy. Classes are learner-centered and highly interactive in the target language, and help students to master practical language for communication skills. Students use their language skills to explore the rich Buddhist traditions that Tibet is noted for, as well as new challenges the language faces as it finds its place in the modern world.

Taking courses in Tibetan will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia.

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for the latest information information on class times and locations.