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East Asian Languages and Cultures

Language Contact and Email Address:

Chung Nguyen


Welcome to the Vietnamese language program at Columbia University!

The Vietnamese language is spoken by some 96 million people in Vietnam, with large communities also present in France, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. About 2 million people of Vietnamese heritage live in the United States, with some 38,000 Vietnamese calling the New York Metro area home. Vietnam has stood as the cultural, political, and linguistic gateway between East and Southeast Asia for over two thousand years.

Our program serves the needs of all levels of interest, from the beginner, to the heritage learner, to advanced graduate students working on primary materials. Students are encouraged to apply and enhance their practical communicative skills through exploration of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage, as well as the diversity and vibrancy of contemporary Vietnamese society.

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Taking courses in Vietnamese will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia.

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