Projects developed during Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 Semesters

Advanced Chinese Supplementary Teaching Materials

by Lingjun Hu


Some of the topics and texts in current advanced level Chinese textbooks are out-of-date or unoriginal. In the condition that teachers cannot change the textbooks immediately, this project proposes to find supplementary authentic multi-modal text materials relevant to the topics in the textbook and to maximize the use of authentic multi-modal text materials, including videos, podcast, news reports and articles published in China, etc.

Searching and selecting relevant materials is not an easy work. There are many conditions and criteria this project takes into consideration, such as length, relevance, vocabulary load and grammatical complexity. The material employed should motivate students’ language learning and communication, and at the same time it should come with less cognitive overload and pressure for students.

The current project proposes to create a collection of authentic materials that are interesting, meaningful, relevant to curriculum, and with updated information. Various tasks will be used in support of teaching and language practice sessions. It is one of the goals of this project that with multi-modality approach, advanced Chinese learners will be more motivated in language learning and discussion, and will integrate the new information into their prior knowledge and thus enriching language input and facilitating the output


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