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Nikolas Kakkoufa


Γεια σας! Καλωσορίσατε! Welcome to the Modern Greek Language webpage. The Program in Hellenic Studies at Columbia was established in 1987 through a generous gift from Kimon A. Doukas. Its roots reach back to the 1930s, however, when the first classes in Modern Greek language were offered on the Columbia campus. Under the auspices of the Department of Classics, the Program in Hellenic Studies offers students the opportunity to study Greece through a modern and a contemporary lens and prepares them for professional work or further academic study in the field. The aim is to build a strong linguistic base on which to construct a greater knowledge of Modern Greek literary, political, social, and cultural currents and attitudes; and also, to offer students a theoretical framework for analyzing cultural differences more generally.

Every year the Modern Greek Language Program offers a series of courses for the acquisition and practice of Modern Greek. From Elementary to Advanced, and through a number of individual specialized courses specifically designed to fulfil the needs of every student (Directed Readings etc.), you will get to experience Greece’s rich literary, culinary and cultural tradition and history but also get to reconsider issues of migration, gender equality, sexuality, race and classical tradition through a different lens.

The general objective of the Language Program is the gradual mastery of the four basic language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and writing. The classes are structured around the Greek notion of paréa (group of friends). Your language cohort will be the one that you will be returning to every semester for at least two to four semesters. Even longer if you decide to really master the language and its cultural production. Language classes bring stability into your academic schedules and into your lives in New York City. Modern Greek might be considered a less commonly taught language but it is also a language that promotes friendship, bonding, kinship, and community building. And be sure that we are looking forward to welcoming you into our big Greek Family.

Taking courses in Modern Greek will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia (Columbia College, Barnard, General Studies, etc.).

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for up-to-date information on class times and locations.