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Department of Slavic Languages

Language Contact and Email Address:

Christopher Caes


Welcome to the Polish program at Columbia!

Polish is the national language of Poland, the largest member state of the eastern European Union. It is a West Slavic language that has over 50 million speakers around the world, and is the second most widely-spoken Slavic language after Russian.

Studying Polish at Columbia gives you access to an international language in high demand. It also introduces you to the rich culture and history of Poland, through an insider’s perspective on Polish literature, cinema, art, and practices of daily life.

You might consider studying Polish in order to have a career centered in Eastern Europe, to gain access to the rich culture and history of Poland and the Polish people, and to connect to the language of your heritage.

Taking courses in Polish will allow you to fulfill the language requirement at Columbia.

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for the latest information on Polish language offerings. Search for “Polish”