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Language Contact and Email Address:

Heli Sirvioe


Welcome to the Swedish language and culture program!

Sweden has given the world many gifts to improve our everyday lives: Ikea, H&M, Abba, meatballs and Avicii.

Sweden, along with its Nordic neighbors, stands on the top of global charts as one of the most gender equal, least corrupt and best educated nations in the world. 

The classes will introduce the leading Nordic country’s language and its history, literature, film, music as well as the modern society and politics of today’s Sweden. In these classes we learn through conversations and today’s media outlets, in addition to traditional language study environment. The aim is to offer the students a broad understanding of Swedish life, its beautiful landscapes and exceptional people as well as the Nordic food traditions. 

Swedish is offered at Elementary and Intermediate levels. 

Taking courses in Swedish allows you to complete the language requirement at Columbia. 

Students from Yale and Cornell can study Swedish through the Shared Course Initiative.

Please check the Columbia Directory of Classes for up-to-date information on class times and locations.